Rakeback Deals

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

Steve Martin

Cash games are one of the most popular ways to guarantee winnings. Weather you in a big hand on your first go or play for a few hours to get a big hand, every second counts on a cash table. Why, you ask? Rakeback! Every poker room charges a fee that is taken from cash games’ pot. In addition, every poker room has a different rake percentage associated with cash games.

What are Rakeback Deals?

To simplify, companies who partner with poker companies get a percentage of rakeback generated in cash games. So, when you sign up with WhisperingShouts and use rakeback deals mentioned on our site, you are eligible to receive a significant rakeback amount, depending on how much rakeback you make.

Deciding Rakeback Factors:

As mentioned before, rakeback deals is a percentage of rakeback you receive - that is applicable on the rake you make. Therefore, to know how much you can make through rakeback, it is important to understand what makes determines the rake. There are, mainly, three factors that define rakeback:

  • Blinds
  • Total Playing Hours
  • Number of Tables