Monday Tournament

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There are 3 things that are certain in this life-death, taxes and playing a poker tournament for ages than getting busted with no winnings.

Well, thanks to Poker Stellar, one of these has become less likely.

The Bounty 15K Guaranteed is a new tournament that runs every Monday at 9 pm.

Whilst there will still be a nice prize for the winners, every player that is responsible for knocking another player out of the tournament will get a ‘Bounty’ for that player.

All you have to do is win the hand that sees them get knocked out and have enough chips at the start of the hand to cover their stack.

Winnings will be paid into your account once the tournament has concluded and as always will be in cash.

There are 3 re-entries allowed, and late entry is available for 85 minutes.

Play our great new tournament and get money for knocking players out as well as winning it!

  • Tournament Name – The Bounty
  • Prize Pool – 15000 GTD
  • Buy in – 275
  • Day – Mondays
  • Time - 9 PM