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To test your skills and to Build your Bankroll (Bonus upto 200%) complete the information required in the google form attached below: http://bit.ly/bankrollC


The challenge winner (only the 1st position) of every stake will get a pro tag on Dangal.

Top 2 winners across every stake gets 4 Free coaching sessions from India’s one of the best PLO coach and PokerDangal team Pro – Tanay Hargunaney.

The top 2 winners across the 3 stakes win from a total leaderboard of INR 3 Lac. Every stake will have a maximum of 7 players only to compete with for the leaderboard.


Every selected player via the application is bound to deposit the amount required for selected stakes.

The challenge will begin midnight 10th May on wards and the 7 selected players across 3 stakes each are required to make the deposit by 9th May 06:00 PM. In case the deposit is not done the player will be disqualified and will not be able to participate.

Every selected player has an option to buy in once more and take the same bonus from PokerDangal during the challenge. The second deposit is allowed only if the bankroll becomes 0.

In case the selected player is found playing outside the stakes selected, he/she will be disqualified immediately and the bankroll will be forfeited by PokerDangal.

If any player is caught dumping chips or is involved in any other fraudulent activity then he/she will be immediately disqualified and the bankroll will be forfeited by PokerDangal.

The players cannot make any withdrawal, even the profit until the challenge is over (end date is 20th May).

The leaderboard score will be decided based on 3 parameters i.e. Number of non heads up raked hands played, Dangal Points generated and Current balance.

In case the player does not win the leaderboard of their respective stake they need to make the minimum points required by 30th May to withdraw their bankroll as per the website policy. After making the min required points the complete bankroll including the bonus given by PokerDangal belongs to the player.

If the player fails to make required Dangal points by 30th May, all the bonus amount in proportion to the deposit amount will be forfeited by PokerDangal.

The players competing for this promotion will not be eligible for any other promotion running on the website.

The winners will have to provide photos, testimonials, etc for media use if required by PokerDangal.

PokerDangal reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion and the decision will be final and binding.