The Indian history of card games

by Admin on 13/05/2019

Are you a passionate fan of playing cards? Card Games are played in different countries and there are various types of the versions for the game. The card games variations differs from one country to another and clashing history behind the same noises very interesting. Playing cards are regarded as one of the favourites and common pass time activity in Indian. Let’s take a look at the interesting history that describes the history of card games in India.

Introduction of the cards:

The card games are presented by the Mughal emperors who were very fond of the game called – Ganjifa. The biography of Mughal emperor and founder of the rule, Babur has the mentions of this game in a rich way! This was announced as a court game and the mention of immoderate card sets are found as well. The cards were made of items like – ivory and tortoiseshell and were ornamented with precious stones. The game slowly became famous among the commoners only when cheap cards made of palm leaves or wood were introduced.

The Storyline:

The playing of cards in our country also has a reference in the fables. The card games are always connected with royal families and the females who inhabited with the King’s Space. A popular and humorous story runs as follows – it is said that a queen was bored and irritated with her husband’s habbit of pulling hair from beard. Hence, the card games were announced to keep their hand busy and help them entertain themselves and her husbands.

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