PokerBaazi has done it again! Bringing in the Game Changer, has definitely changed the face of poker. This was the first of its kind 2-Day tournament series and it has crossed the GTD. Heck, Day 1A results showed a total prize pool of INR 1 Cr, which was already half the guaranteed prize pool of the tournament! Now, let’s talk in detail of all three tournaments and the players going forward to Day 2 of the Game Changer.

Day 1A

The Day 1A of the Game Changer was held on 20th February, at 8pm. The tournament saw 1,105 entries, with 344 rebuys. The tournament ran deep for 5 hours, in which 111 players advanced to Day 2.

Vikrant Shetty aka ‘Vshetty1’ leads the scoreboard with a stack of 5,58,609. Second in line is Pranav Desai aka GarviGujurat with a stack of 4,00,995. Other players who proceeded to the Day 2 of the Game Changer include:

Arjanveer Singh Chadha aka ‘holdbaby’ (7th, 3,23,945)

Sunit Warraich aka ’sunit’ (11th, 2,68,118)

Mudit Jain aka ‘jmudit88’ (12th, 2,58,046)

Kartik Ved aka ‘TheInternetKid’ (13th, 2,52,167)

Ujjwal Narwal aka ‘Mr_Robot’ (17th, 2,32,285)

Akshay Dhingra aka ‘fsociety’ (18th, 2,27,502)

Prashanth Sekar aka ‘iveyleague’ (19th, 2,13,050)

Sriharsha Doddapaneni  aka ‘ivey2’ (25th, 1,95,314)

Avinash Turao aka ‘spacecadet’ (33rd, 1,65,792)

Day 1B:

The craze continued onto the Day 1B of the Game Changer. The Day 1B, held on 21st February at 8:00pm, saw 1149 entries with 439 rebuys! This day too the tournament ran deep for 5 long hours, and it ended at 1:02am. That was some spirit guys!

For Day 1B, Kanav Parwal aka ‘sokopa’ lead the leaderboard with a stack of 3,89,417. Not too far behind is Nadeem Basha aka ‘Spade Hunter’ with a stack of 3,62,748. Although he took 3 bullets, he made it up to the top! That’s called dedication!

All in all, 111 players proceeded to Day 2 of the Game Changer. Among them, a few known players are:

Anik Ajmera aka ‘eaglesong’ (6th, 3,52,227)

Ayush Garg aka ‘Proman502’ (9th, 3,42,313)

Ujjwal Narwal aka ‘Mr_Robot’ (10th, 3,27,259) A significant jump from Day 1A, kudos!

Prabhat Paliya aka ‘greatgatsby’ (15th, 2,61,553)

Ramlakhan Meena aka ‘Hitler’ (40th, 1,73,234)

Gokul Raj aka ‘Nygma’(57th, 1,36,451)

Pranay Chawla aka ‘setmeup’ (60th, 1,35,740)

Varun Gupta aka VnutsG (73rd, 1,08,257)

Vinay Rajpal aka ‘vinay09’ (74th, 1,01,597)

Neeraj Kumar aka ‘SelfClaimedPro’ (100th, 56.400)

Gaurav Mittal aka ‘DragGEReR’ (101st, 47,512)


Day 1C:

Last but undoubtedly not the least, the Day 1C made a real big deal in the Game Changer series. At the end of this day, the guaranteed prize pool of the Game Changer hiked from 2 Crs to 3.78 Crs! Say whaaaaaaaat? I know! That’s why PokerBaazi has definitely marked a day in history - changing the game for real!

So, the Day 1C kicked off at 8:00 pm on 22nd February and lasted again for a deep 5 hour session, finally calling quits at 1:00 am on the 23rd. The tournament saw 1613 entries, breaking the bar as compared to the other two days. It also saw 745 re-entries with 186 people getting the one-way-ticket to Day 2! Sweet, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the winners, shall we? At the top is ‘Krishiveer’ with a stack of a whopping 5,13,644! Next in line, and with a big gap too, is Kianmnatnihc Reebak aka ‘Kianmnatnihc’ with a stack of 3,86,280. Other known qualifiers for the Day 2 are:

Pranav Anand aka ‘mithrandir16’ (4th, 3,51,677) I guess the dedication and four bullets really paid off!! GG!

Pawan Kocchar aka ‘Peekay’ (8th, 3,20,466)

Deepak Bothra aka ‘kakoji’ (9th, 3,16,884) after whooping 8 re-entries! Woah!

Nikhil Arora aka ‘blastupinside’ (12th, 2,81,732)

Varun Gupta aka ‘VnutsG’ (31st, 2,14,286) A huge jump from Day 1B, onto Day 2 with a better stack afterall!

VB Vinstill aka ‘vinstill’ (36th, 2.03,970)

Vinay Rajpal aka ‘vinay09’ (43rd, 1,82,708) a little better stack from Day 1B, onto Day 2 with more hope!

Gautam Rohilla aka ‘M8a7’ (71st, 1,29,808)

Aditya Chaudhary aka ‘macchi1089’ (98th, 98,047)

Sumit Sapra aka ‘boronyx’ (107th, 91,236)

Vishal Marwaha aka ‘Bhai9’ (148th, 63,348)

Well, congratulations to all the 386 players who have qualified to Day 2!! Immense effort and great skills were seen in Day 1A to Day 1C and yes, we can’t wait to see how the Game Changer is going to unfold…

All the best to everyone at the tables! GL!


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