Using mindfulness to focus your poker game and life is probably the most ideal approaches to deal with your future. Discover how to utilize this technique in this article.

Here are a couple of pieces of mindfulness to both guide you in poker, and in life.

#1 Meditation

You don't need to practice the advanced level of meditation techniques. Any form of meditation will do. Calculating the success of meditation is difficult. For pokers and other players who meditate, it is the best instrument handy to them to keep their minds clear. Meditation helps you in building concentration and avoids anxiety the game may offer at times.

#2 Intention Setting

Intention Setting is when you recite your plans for the day; these can be actual projects or just intangible ways of being. After declaring your intention you must focus on gratitude like thanking the universe for the relevant things happened to you. This helps you gather positive energy. You will notice that any professional poker player will always be calm and confident about the cards he is dealt with. This confidence comes not only with experience but also with positive energy that they gather around themselves.

#3 Journaling

Purging your thoughts onto paper is a superb method to make space for mindfulness. Try to journal every day concentrating on four key zones:




How do I Feel?

The intention and gratitude key zone is the repetition of the verbal declaration made earlier. The mission can be something you want and should be written to strengthen your belief. When you put down this belief, it gives you a positive vibe which will turn your emotion into an energetic feeling. This feeling is an asset when you play poker. If you practice this technique every day, you will be able to gather the positive vibes whenever you begin to play just by thinking about it.

#4 Food

You are what you eat. It is very important to eat healthy to keep your mind healthy and active at all times. Once you start living a healthy life, you will start feeling the change. It takes only 22 days to quit a habit, so try a change for 22 days and see the difference when you play poker on the 23rd day. You will feel much active and your mind will feel more open and will automatically think better.

#5 Slow Down

The experience of wholeness that we get a glimpse of by becoming immersed at the moment is a profound shift in consciousness. How can you be in the moment if you are rushing towards the future? This technique is very important in the game of poker; if you rush into actions your brain will make hasty decisions rather than quick ones.

# 6 Be A Listener

The key to the process is the ability to hold space. Try to be a listener instead of evaluating the problem and trying to fix it. Just listen to the other people saying and try to understand and feel the emotions. Listening is one of the most valuable tools in mindfulness. It's also an incredibly imperative ability to develop if you want to become an exceptional poker player.

The day you start practising this that very day you will experience a difference in your conscious. That's the power of mindfulness.

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