Since its announcement, the PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition has poker players across the spectrum, casual players and high rollers alike, earnestly anticipating this big league which starts today with the multi-flight tourney The Endeavour at 17:00 IST. Satellites have already begun, and if you’re looking to find general details about this 8-day poker marathon, check out our previous blog

For those looking to fine-tune their game before the game, you’re at just the right place. Let’s deep dive into this game-play and look at some of the nuances that many casual players will miss.

Mind over matter
Deep stack tournaments test your endurance. This game-play is all about picking your spots, taking your time and playing for the long haul. Decisive actions come in the later stages of a deep stack tournament.  

With passivity as your strategy, you can outlast the players who don’t have the patience to play with restraint. However, if other players deploy the passive approach, there is a way to profit from their passiveness. After the first hand is dealt, it will be a while before players start to run out of chips. At this time, you can create an advantage by cranking the pressure on your opponents before they have had the time to even consider making adjustments to their strategy. The key is in finding when that stage has arrived in the game.

David & Goliath
The second type of strategy involves the small ball approach. This approach is used by Daniel Negreanu. Small Ball basically means seeing as many flops as possible while attempting to limit the size of pots and cost to see the next card.

The small-ball poker tournament strategy has many advantages. Gaining information over several betting rounds in order to put your opponent on a hand. By not risking big all-in confrontations players can reduce the chance of going out of a poker tournament due to a bad-beat or mis-read of an opponent’s holding.

Weaker tournament players can adopt the tight aggressive play. In this strategy you’re only playing premium hands or others when in position. The goal is to make as much money in the pot pre-flop as possible, so your post-flop play doesn’t matter as much.

In conclusion, deep stack poker is more mentally taxing and more complicated. Stronger players can take advantage of multiple streets of post-flop betting to gain the maximum value.

A few common themes for deep:

  • Take advantage of position

  • 3-bet much more in position

  • Control pot size when you are out of position unless you have the nuts

  • Inflate Pot Size when you are holding the nuts, or you are in position. Build a pot by making big bets and re-raises. Such especially applies when you have a nut-flush, top-straight and top-set hands where your only priority is to get as many chips as possible out of the other players.

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