Are you ready for the last day of PokerDangal’s DVS 4.0 tournament? If you haven’t taken part in this high-value high-return series yet, worry not, you can still end with a bang!

INR 10 lakhs in guaranteed prize money with a buy-in of INR 2750 (2500+250) is one of the sweetest deals we’ve heard this year. Whether or not you’re a newbie or a professional, with such a reasonable buy-in you can test, sharpen, and improvise your skills with hundreds of players around the world.

DVS 4.0 started on 21st March and today is the last day. Here are some important details about the last day of the tournament and reasons why you shouldn’t be missing this showstopper event.

The last day of this tournament goes live 26th March 2019, at 8 pm IST.


Starting Stack: 15,000
With a buy-in of just INR 2750, each player gets a stack of 15k, and 1,000,000 GTD.


Time bank
PokerDangal gives each player a 20 seconds of time bank. An additional 10 seconds is also added after every 8 levels. Poker tournaments have never been more attractive for amateurs.

Late Registration for 180 Minutes
PokerDangal allows late registration for 180 minutes after the tournament starts. The tourney starts at 8 pm today. If you’re an amateur, you should register from point-go to get a better read of your opponents.
If you’re really confident of your skills, you can definitely say bye-bye to sitting around, and get in late when you’ll be closer to the money!


Unlimited Re-Entries (till level 22)
Although add-ons are not allowed, players are allowed unlimited re-entries till level 22. Each level duration is set at 8 minutes.


PokerDangal’s DVS tournaments are designed to maximise value for the new players who have just started to test their mettle in the world of poker. With attractive avenues for players, you can grow your poker skills and bankroll with the country’s fastest growing poker platform.

Now that you’re armoured with the details, go out and conquer, young Jedi!  Whispering Shouts helps you find amazing poker deals for PokerBaazi, PokerDangal,, and many others- all in one place! Sign up now to stay updated on the latest news and amazing deals from the world of poker.   

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