Raking Back The Dough

by Admin on 13/11/2018

Are you one of those people who likes play the long game? Are you a seasoned poker head who’s looking to maximize your profits? Are you looking to sit back and tone down your concentration and strategy levels, and make the consistent dough? Rakeback maybe the Pot o’ Luck for you.


Getting the basics right

Online poker has taken the world by storm, and the perception of winning big for most players is to leave the table with as much of the pot as possible. Now, we have rakebacks. A ‘rake’ is the commission a poker room gets from a live/online poker game. Typically set at 5% of every pot, rakes are taken from the players’ buy-ins. But if a player is able to woo new players to a poker room, then that player gets a further commission on the rake generated by the room, a ‘rakeback’ money that’s added to the player’s winnings from the game. Depending on the affiliate a player signs with, rakeback deals can vary from 30% to 75% of the 5% snatched by the poker room. In this post, we explore how to put a foot on the Rakeback Pro pedal.


How to RAKE it big

Step one is to find and sign up for poker rooms or affiliates like Whispering Shouts that offer rakebacks. Pros focus on trying to make more dough from rakebacks than from actual games. It’s good to open accounts at various rooms to benefit from multiple bonuses/promotions. Higher stakes tables will pay better, and the more tables (rooms) you sign up with, the less you’ll need to actually participate in the game to earn a decent amount. Rakebacks deeply depend on three factors: the poker room site, the rakeback deal that’s on offer and the hands played.


Playing more hours, more tables (called multi-tabling), signing up for the best rakeback deal and jumping into the game themselves - will up the ante for players. Imagine a scenario - David is playing a 6-handed NHLE (No Limit Hold 'em) game on two tables that average 90 hands per hour per table and earns 100% of his money from rakebacks. At 200nl ($200 buy-in), he would have to play close to 512 hours to hit $2500 in that month. Should he sign up to 2 more tables, he only needs half the time (256 hours) to cash the same amount. Since it’s a high volume, medium-risk routine, it does take patience and persistence to start seeing gold.


Tips on doing it like a PRO

  1. Planning and scheduling are bread-and-butter in becoming a rakeback pro; set a monetary target and figure out how much volume you’ll need to play, how many tables to enter and what stakes to play with. You can manage this by breaking them into smaller pieces.
  2. Multi-tabling can be hard at first, but you’ll need to keep at it if you want to go pro. Start with two and notch up one by one until you’re able to hit double figures.
  3. Ever been jealous of Wall Street traders when they use multiple screens for their work? Well, now you don’t - go buy an extra screen and you’ll be able to monitor multiple tables.
  4. Poker tracking softwares like Poker Tracker can be a good shot up the arm in analyzing the stakes and the hands at the table.
  5. Keep learning about poker; watch poker training videos online, use forums to understand about playing and rakeback strategies, and chronicle any mistake you make while playing.
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