The high-value tournament, Game Changer, is the hot topic in town! Truly a game changer, this tournament is on the “to-play” lists of almost all poker geeks. However, before you plan on playing the big game, it is important to get your facts right. If you still need the deets for the Game Changer, check out our previous blog that covers all you need to know.

Moving on, planning such a high-value tournament requires a strategy. Strategies are extremely important to not only reach Day 2 of the Game Changer but also reach a decent stack at the end of Day 1. Let’s get right into it. In this blog post, we cover three strategies that you must consider when planning to give Game Changer a shot. Take a look.

The “Satty” Way Out

For people who don’t have enough bankroll for buy-in for the Game Changer, the ideal strategy is to give all the sattys a shot. The satty schedules for the Game Changer are impromptu and consist of a 2-Step Satty. Usually, the first Satty buy-in is kept at just 50 bucks! So, keep a lookout on the PokerBaazi app and plan your bankroll according to the buy-ins. Without a doubt, the “Satty” way out is the best way to guarantee a seat to the 1st day of the Game Changer.  

The Spendthrift

Many poker players have a high bankroll to not only buy-in to the tournament, but also take multiple bullets, keeping the game going. However, bankroll management for the Game Changer can be a little tricky, and that’s where we step in. The Day 1(A) to Day(C) Game Changer tournaments have an 11k buy-in that ends at level 27, with blinds 2000/4000.

Every player who sticks after these levels is guaranteed a table on Day 2, the finale. Ideally, a player should have at least 50 bigs if they qualify for Day 2 of the Game Changer. For that, your stack needs to be above 100k, at least. To achieve this, if a player has the bankroll, they can take at least 3 bullets for Day 1(A) and Day 1(B). However, since Day 1(C) is a Turbo Tournament, the number of justified bullets can go up to at least 5.

The Level-Headed

For players who have a decent bankroll, however, not enough to take multiple bullets need a level-headed strategy to get a seat on the final table. Keeping in mind the Game Changer schedule, the ideal strategy for such players is to define the amount they can put in for the tournament and plan accordingly. Ideally, for the Day 1(A) and Day 1(B), players can try to take at most 2 bullets. For Day 1(C), as it’s a Turbo tournament, players can take at most 3-4 bullets.

Let’s Play to Win!

Now you know the three different strategies to consider when playing the Game Changer, so start planning! First, plan your budget and choose one of the three strategies mentioned in this blog to guarantee a place on the final table, at least. Who knows, you might just win! All the best at the tables, and, for more updates, you can sign up to Whispering Shouts. We keep you updated with the latest poker news and offer exceptional deals for multiple poker handles, including PokerBaazi, Poker Dangal, and many more.  

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