Online Multi Table Tournaments

by Admin on 22/01/2019

Multi-table tournaments played online can be taxing as we are pitted against players from various diasporas who have honed their own distinctive tricks. Blinds can be increased by adopting some unique strategies getting our opponents caught completely off the guard and thereby shrink the fields. This article is a vade mecum for amateur poker players who are aspiring to finish big in online multi-table tournaments.

The Beginning:

During the nascent levels of the tournament, we should always ensure that the pots are minimal which gives us the license to enlarge our range gradually. This thereby attracts flops to happen as the blinds are low in number and stacks can be gargantuan. The initial stack sizes and numbers can be instrumental in predicting the blinds we procure eventually. The speculative play is a luxury in this case unless we flush in hefty part of the stack in a surge to win more. It’s also important to analyze how our co-players are performing during this stage. Statistics of the player can be deceptive during these levels attributed to the large stack sizes which in turn contribute to a player’s flops seen numbers.

Thus the emphasis in this moment of the tournament would be increasing our stack sizes rather than trying to become over-ambitious and end up bluffing ourselves.

Medieval times:

Our strategy should be packed with ethical chicanery, cunning enough to steal blinds by taking pots and building the stacks during the mid stages of the tournaments. Treasure your chips during this phase and tighten up a bit. It’s always better to fold before you put in the chips whenever you have no other go as guessing can cost you the game. The co-players who have maneuvered to these levels are no bunny to any old tricks and can be stiff enough to open pre flops. Our table image can lure players with shorter stacks to open folding pre flops. We should be observing their actions carefully and try building our stacks as big as possible.

Running the final Gauntlet:

Final stages can be testing as we enter the bubble stages of the tournament. Players with shorter stacks are looking for something to part with but be hardly relentless towards them if you have a larger stack, as they will be ready to fold anything. It’s better to play the waiting game cautiously till the bubble bursts.

It’s all about Money:

After the bubble bursts, the tournament enters into the next level with final few tables to play with and our ability to take on the aggressive players decides our position in the leaderboard. Play as aggressive as you can in both stealing binds and defending binds as during this stage most of the hands are won before the fold. The payout can jump from one range to another, which is proportionate to the number of hands in the tournament and the number of spots. Patience is the key as it keeps us waiting for playing out the final tables and sustaining our position in the leaderboard.


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