Ballebaazi is played by using your love for Cricket, the knowledge about the sport and your skills on team management. You can pick your team made up of real players and play in various league formats that we offer. You can create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits and select a match from any of the current or upcoming matches. The points earned by your team are based on the performances of the selected players in the real-life matches.

 Ballebaazi is the place where you can glorify your love for cricket and showcase your skills. Victory at Ballebaazi is only five steps away:

•    Step1:

Select your match - After the login process, select a match from any of the current or upcoming cricket series.

•    Step 2:

Create Your Squad - After you select the match, create your squad by choosing the players from the list. Select your captain and vice-captain. The captain owns x2 points and the vice-captain owns x1.5 points. You can choose from the following league formats:

a.    The Batting Fantasy:  You can select a total of 5 players from the 2 teams who you think will be batting the best and score the maximum runs. In this league format, you can choose a maximum of 3 players from 1 team.

b.    The Classic Fantasy: You can select a total of 11 players from the 2 teams who will play the best overall according to you.

c.    The Bowling Fantasy: You can select 5 players from the 2 teams who you think can bowl the best and score the maximum wicket as per you.

Step 3:   

Participate in a Contest- Join the on-going Ballebaazi contests to win real cash

•   Step 4:

 Sit Back & Bite Your Nails – Follow the selected match on TV to track the performance of selected players in your squad. As per the performance, your scoreboard on Ballebaazi will keep updating. The point distribution system is explained on the website 

•    The most awaited step, step 5:

Enjoy Your Winnings - At the end of the match, the points you scored will be transferred to your Ballebaazi wallet and you can easily withdraw it to your bank account.

We understand cricket and we appreciate the well-thought changes done to keep the team synergy going. Therefore, you can make changes to your team before the final deadline of the match to be completely sure of the team that you create. A good team manager will always know how to keep an eye of the selected players and keep all the sessions updated regularly. Putting the strategy right at the beginning is one of the most important things to ensure your win at Ballebaazi.

It is very important to strategize about your team, however, at Ballebaazi it is equally important to enjoy the game. Every cricket lover knows the game and understands it in and out, now it’s time for you to live the dream to get into the decision maker’s shoes and create your fantasy team. Download the ballebaazi app or visit to create your very own fantasy cricket team.

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