The WS PRO Strategy – The Three Bullet Strategy

At ‘The Money Maker – 1 Crore guaranteed’, the GTD prize pool is huge, the buy-in is low so expect some crazy participation, the event has unlimited rebuys and late registrations until the first 204 mins from the start of the tournament.
The optimum time to enter the tournament?
The perfect time to enter any tournament is before the tournament starts since the blinds are small and you see plenty of hands which you can throw away, but since its a rebuy tournament we suggest you can enter the tournament anytime till the average stack is close to the starting stack and the your stack is at 100+BB, which in the money maker would be during the level 4. Since it will be 50-100 blinds running and your starting stack would be 10,000 chips.
How many rebuys should I have in my account before registering in the tournament?
We suggest you should at least be prepared with 3 rebuy bankroll ready in your account before joining the tournament, and avoid taking rebuys after the big blinds left with you are less than 50, which would be when the blinds are 100-200, which means to avoid taking rebuys after level 12, unless you really have a huge bankroll and are willing to flip hands till you make upto at least 100 BB’s. Click here to visit and see deals exclusively for the Money Maker.
Do I Stand a Chance at winning this?
Absofuckinlutely !!! Poker is a test of mental strength, the better you know what to do at the right time the better prepared you are for the tournament, experience matters, but you can only gain experience by playing in the first hand. Participation is the way to winning.
There are many type of strategies which can be implemented in order to win a The Money Maker tournament by Pokerbaazi. They all have pros and consand it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you.

1. The Loose Strategy (For the Maniacs – Unlimited Bankroll)

This strategy is very simple, as it says play loose, don’t be afraid to loose, keep shoving almost everyhand even with the slightest possibility. The main motive for this strategy is to have decent stack and then start playing wisely, specially when you’re close to the end of the Rebuy period. This strategy involves risks of multiple buy-ins, unless you have at least 20 BUY-IN bankroll, we won’t suggest any player to apply this strategy


2. The Slightly Loose Strategy(Medium Bankroll Strategy)

A much better strategy is to play more hands than you normally would during the rebuy period and take a few more calculated risks, but keep things under control. It makes sense to loosen your starting requirements especially in late position and especially when you can get in for one bet. Along the same lines you should defend your blinds against small raises with many more hands than you normally would. The reason why these changes are profitable is that your opponents will be much more willing to risk all of their chips if they catch any piece of the flop since they know they can just buy more. As a result, if you make a big hand you’re much more likely to get paid off. Those few extra chips you risk before the flop are worth it to give yourself a chance to win a big pot. And if you do run out or start running low on chips you can buy more. While the Super Loose Strategy might require that you make 20+ rebuys, the Slightly Loose Strategy will normally work with 2-5 rebuys.

3. The One Bullet Strategy (Low Bankroll Strategy)

Another strategy normally used by players who are working with a short bankroll is the One Bullet Strategy. While most players are willing to use at least a few rebuys, some players will buy in, ignore the rebuy aspect completely and give up if they go broke.
Incase you fall into this category, you should be able to look at 60 hands or so in the first hour while everyone is still playing loose and the blinds are relatively small. When deciding whether or not you want to commit all of your chips on a given hand, ask yourself if you’re likely to find a better spot a few hands down the road where you’re a little more sure about your chances. Of course you don’t want to take it too far and start throwing away strong hands, but there’s no reason to settle for getting your money in when you’re a small favorite when you could wait and maybe get you’re money in as a big favorite. For you survival is the name of the game, you have to keep a factor in mind that every online tournament lasts only a certain number of hours, you just have to make sure you stay above the average stack.
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