The delightful thing about poker is everyone thinks they can play. Well, it may or may not be true and it all depends on how skillfully you play the game. Playing poker online might seem easy from the outside but when you get immersed, you need quite a bit of strategy and skill to own the game. The smarter you play, the luckier you will be.


Playing poker online is legal and regulated in many countries and there are ways in which you can excel at the game by choosing the appropriate and authentic online poker sites in India. In this article, we have answers for the most sought question, How to play poker online in India?


Authenticity and Regulations


If you play poker online for real money then you should be aware of the authenticity of the online poker site before you enroll yourself into it. There are two factors which are almost a basic check and it is important you do these checks.


Licensed online poker sites are hassle-free and also trustworthy. There are certain regulations under which the online poker sites are monitored by the gaming commission since it falls under gambling. Scroll through the site and check if it has a license and is legal before signing up.


The security is the second important factor when you play poker online because of the personal data you share with the site. You have to be conscious about the SSL certificate of the site. Check for the security symbol on the URL tab (a small lock icon) which means that the site is secure, if not, do not sign up in the site or your data might be stolen.

Site Traffic

When you are choosing to play poker online, the other major factor to be considered is traffic. Less traffic means the site is vaguely active and has fewer gamers which are the setback.

Tournaments and Rewards

The easy way to play poker online in India is to check if the sites have offers for new users, recurrent tournaments, reward programs and many other attractive offers. Make better use of the tournaments and offers to earn fast cash.


Many sites offer sign-up bonuses and loyalty as a part of keeping you engaged continuously which can be used later. Keep check of the latest promotions and offers on the sites that specifically update on them. You can check it here.

Ease of competition

"Most of the money you’ll win from poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents" - Lou Kreiger


The lower the level of competition, the easier it is to win the game. This is where you need to identify weak players and take advantage of them to win the game in long term. Though the stronger opponents will help you improve your strategies, weak players on the table is a benefit.


Find the online poker site with traditional rakeback. The rakeback may vary from 10% - 50% depending on the status you are in the game. For high volume player, the percentage of rakeback might be higher depending on the exclusive deals they work on.


Finding the best online poker sites in India might be a big task but with this article, you can easily play poker online.


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