No words! The Game Changer is a tournament that will definitely have a long hangover! About 30 minutes into the Day 2 of the GC, all players had reached the ITM. But, the skills on the tables were impeccable. Before we start off by mentioning the Day 1A to Day 1C winners and see how they fared in Day 2, let's first talk about the glory table - the top 9!


Winning the Game Changer, Prashant Shekhar ‘iveyleague’ made his glory from winning a ticket on Day 1A with a decent stack of 2,13,050. He made his play and - yes shipped the tourney for 60,09,207 INR!! Great going!

Second in line, 'advanced_basic’ was a delight to watch at the final table! He bagged the second prize of a whopping 37,31,676 INR!

Now, Pranay Chawla aka ‘setmeup’ also showed amazing poker skills on the final table. From winning a ticket on Day 1, he managed to make it to the FT and played strategically to reach top 4! Amazing, amazing skills…

The top four players had agreed to put a deal up, in which advanced_basic bagged 39L, and the remaining 3 players all got 33L. 

Talking about amazing skills, 5th in line is Gaurav Mittal aka 'DragGEReR’ and oh what a jump this guy made! With our railing methods and a few tips from our Whispering Shouts team, he made a jump from winning a ticket in Day 1B and a starting stack of 47k, to climb his way up - finding his glory to the top FIVE! Another great example of great poker skills and technique - and a reminder that no matter what you have - you can always make dreams a reality!

6th is none other than Ashish Munot aka ‘OMG_spew’ who also made his way to the final table with a unique and interesting strategy… With all-ins, he made sure his stack never lowered the bar by playing an aggressive game - and it did him good!

Coming to 'indianpro’, from a good point in the tournament he was leading and maintaining his 1st position with a stack of 80L. Somehow hands didn't pay in his favor, but he did end up on the final table - bagging the 7th position - taking home 6,00,543 INR!

Last but not the least, Herry Singhal 'herry7’ came 9th, surviving through with his small stack, bagging a prize pool of 3,32,376 INR!

First of all, amazing skills guys! It was an honor to see all of you play your way to the top - with such amazing, interesting techniques!

Now, you must be wondering - what about our Day 1A to Day 1C toppers and how did they fare in the Day 2 of GC?


Vikrant Shetty aka ‘Vsetty1’ bagged 150th rank - whaaaaat? He took home a prize pool of 56,655.

Other notable and known players (who we covered in our previous blog) and their ranks with prize pool include:

  • Varun Gupta aka ‘VnutsG’ (14th, 1,73,742)

  • Gautam Rohilla aka ‘M8a7( 16th, 1,73,742)

  • Arjanveer Singh Chadha aka 'holdbaby’ (22nd, 1,43,526)

  • VB Instill aka ‘Vinstill’ (26th, 1,24,645)

  • Mudit Jain aka ‘jmudit88’ (28th, 1,24,645)

  • ‘Krishiveer’ (58th, 72,763)

  • Akshay Dhingra aka 'fsociety’ (88th, 72,763)

  • Sunit  Warriach aka 'sunit’ (104th, 64,209)

  • Nikhil Arora aka ‘blastupinside’ (211th, 45,324)

  • Pranav Desai aka GarviGujarat (249th, 41,547)

  • Ujjwal Narwal aka Mr_Robot (275th, 37,770)

  • Aditya Chaudhary aka 'macchi1089’ (294th, 33,993)

  • Vishal Marwaha aka 'Bhai9’ (317th, 30,216)

So, here you are! The Game Changer comes to an end and definitely brings about the immense promise to what the coming months and years will bring to the face of poker.

Another shout-out to PokerBaazi and CONGRATULATIONS  to them too for this huge achievement!

GG players! Let's keep the momentum going!

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