\Another Friday, another FRI-YAY! For those for you who aren't updated on the PokerBaazi tournament schedule, FRI-YAY is a high-value tournament that takes place every Friday at 8 pm.

\Kicking off at 8 pm, the tournament ran deep and finally called it a day at 2:19 am. Woah, that was a long run!

FRI-YAY is a 4000+400 buy-in tournament, and this time there was a sweet deal on the table - making it easier for players to take more bullets! Yes, bullets were given at HALF the price, that is 2000+200! That was a really sweet deal! The tourney on 1st March saw 161 entries with 157 re-entries. The starting stack in this tournament is 10,000 and late registration lasts for 168 minutes with NO add-ons and unlimited re-entries.


Now, that we are all caught up on the tourney deets, here is how players fared on the FRI-YAY:


First prize was bagged by ‘Imperative’ taking home a whole sum of 1,88,300 INR! GG!

Second place was taken by 'thekid’ who won a prize pool of 1,33,900 INR! This kid shouldn't be underestimated! :D

Other known players among the top 20 of 53 places there were paid are:

  • Rakesh Bhagat aka ‘rrbhagat’ (3rd, 95,300

  • Vivekk Dube aka ‘Vivek25’ (5th, 48,200)

  • Akash Gupta aka 'bruce.lee’ (6th, 34,300)

  • Aditya Agarwal aka 'england’ (8th, 22,100)

  • Shravan Chhabria aka 'FishStars’ (14th, 14,200)

  • Neeraj Kumar aka 'SelfClaimedPro’ (16th, 11,400)

  • Sumit Sapra aka 'boronyx’ (17th, 11,400)

  • Anik Ajmera aka 'EagleSong’ (18th, 9,200)

  • Pranav Bang aka ‘pranav.bang1’ (19th, 9,200)

There you have it! Great going on the tables, guys! Let's keep the momentum going! Also, head over to Whispering Shouts to grab the best Rakeback deals on different leading poker sites, including PokerBaazi, Poker Dangal, FTR Poker, and a lot more! You can also contact us and we will clear any doubts regarding our process. Cheers!

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