Q. How has your journey been at PokerDangal ?
 Ans. We have been operational since the last 20 months and it has been a very interesting ride for us. As an outsider in the industry our aim was to improve the offerings for the poker community and raise the standards of services and user experience. We have achieved many firsts in the industry and are continuously learning and unlearning every day. From acquiring PokerMet to launching 5 card PLO to successfully running Dangal Value Series, it has been a great learning curve for us. 

Q. What is your long term planning with poker?
Ans. We want to take the game to the masses and change the perception about the sport in our country. Poker is still in its nascent stage in India and is quickly gaining popularity. It is our responsibility as an operator to shape the industry by being ethical and transparent. 

Q. What are your thoughts about 5 Card PLO? How do you think it is going to Impact the Poker Industry?
Ans. Poker as a game is really interesting because  it involves a lot of maths, emotional control and hours of hard grind. 5 card PLO takes all these things to the next level and challenges the player to raise their game as well. It is a very catchy and sticky game and surely it will see a lot of following in the coming time.

Q. Looking at the odds do you think 5Card PLO has more skill than 4 Card PLO or less. 
Ans. The skill set required to play each variant of Poker is different and one can't compare the skill set as it is not an apple to apple comparison. The basic rules might be the same but the complexity is totally different in 5 card PLO. 

Q. What kind of effect do you think the online gaming boom has had on the integrity of the game? 
Ans. The boom in online gaming has been great for Poker as it is educating the consumers about the various facets of the game. An informed user is very important for the integrity of the game as it is the user who determines how far the game will go in our country. To engage the masses it is essential to make sure the integrity of the game is not questioned and we at PokerDangal are very careful about the image we are giving to the game.   

Q. Where do you see PokerDangal in 5 Years? And some insights about any future promotions in planning
Ans. PokerDangal is one of the fastest growing platforms in India and the task is to accelerate this growth. We want to engage with the masses and provide the Dangal experience to everyone. 5 years is a long time but definitely we would like to be more involved in the ecosystem for Poker in India as well. There are very interesting times ahead and we will surely be involved in the poker ecosystem in a huge way going forward. 
We have a lot of promotions lined up in the month of July. From 5 card PLO specific promotions to a bigger Dangal Value Series it will be a bumper July.   

Q. Poker Learning - What is Your Perspective and what are your expectations?
Ans. Learning is a never-ending process and one needs to keep updating their skills to remain relevant and succeed in a very competitive environment. We are lucky to have access to so much material to study from and it is up to an individual to take benefit of the opportunities. 

Q. How do you respond to the word poker? How does it make you feel?
Ans. Well, I fell in love with the game in 2009 and Poker still makes me very very excited, though I'm still a fish. It is a different kind of high and the adrenalin rush I get from this game is unreal.

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