Do you end up making these mistakes and ruining your game?…

So you have learnt the nuances of the exciting game of poker and have embarked upon the enthralling journey into India online poker? If you are ready to rock the world of online poker in India, it is indeed a great start!
As you get charged to create ripples on Indian online poker sites, do remember that the game has an uncanny ability to get you on the road to disaster very fast! So you’ve got to be on your toes always. The mental aspect of poker is the hidden force behind the actual visible play on the poker table.
Keep a vigil and don’t let yourself fall in the booby trap of these typical poker mistakes that can spell trouble for you:


1. Playing every hand?… Nah! Give up!
Understandably you want to be in the heat of things, but that doesn’t boil down to playing every single hand. You are playing with real money and trying to show off isn’t going to help at all. Learning to give up when you realize that you must fold is smart, not a sign of weakness.
2. Cold calling raises and overcalling – a suicidal combination
When you call more than one player’s raises, it shows that you are either undisciplined or meek. If you can see that your hand is not good enough for the re-raise, just fold. Calling should be the last option after considering other choices. Similarly overcalling will lead you to incorrectly call a bet to which the players on your right have already called. A sure weakness again!
3. Scared of math? Don’t be!
Poker math and a skill at probability is very necessary, especially to calculate your odds. Surely you want to know your chances, like your opponents would, wouldn’t you? It will help you estimate bet sizes and understand the pot odds. So you can decide better whether to continue or fold. Grasping the math isn’t so difficult, just give it a shot!
4. Over bluffing
Bluffing is fun, no doubt. But too much bluffing isn’t good for sure. It will brand you as an unbelievable player and can play havoc in the long run. Knowing when to bluff and whom to bluff against is an art mastered with time and patience.
5. Can’t figure out what’s going on in the minds of your opponents?
In the excitement of the play, don’t ignore your opponent(s)! If you are in online poker rooms, keep an eye on the table image of the players. A tight image means that you need to be careful when they raise as it indicates they are in strong position. Take time to study their moves, figure out their mistakes and try to gauge their mental state.
6. Semi or full tilt
Tilt means emotional clout on your play, and is BAD! Partial or full, don’t let an attack of emotions catch you off guard. Trying to get even-stevens with someone who has caused you misery will lead you into deeper trouble. Even seasoned players find it hard to keep away from tilt, so watch out!
7. Fancy play syndrome
This means that you try to play tricky games to feed your ego or to impress, rather than playing straightforward! Others will sense it right away and you will be at a loss indeed.
8. Ignoring position
This is the one factor that you can leverage on.  The later you are in the play position, the better are your chances for you to play better. Play more if you are towards the last and less if you are one of the initial ones.
9. Pushing too hard against higher skill and a waning bankroll
Overestimating your own abilities and selecting skill levels that are higher than yours may be good for bettering yourself, but can be disastrous if you are not up to it. You will be ready bait for others! Similarly trying to stretch out of the comfort levels of your bankroll can shake you up badly and take you downhill!
It’s all about control! When you are logged onto real money online poker sites like, learn to control your emotions and control the urge to keep playing when you should throw in. Recognize that playing for just the ‘gut-feel’ and because you ‘feel’ lucky is the start of your downslide. Never underestimate your opponent. It’s the balance of risk and safe play that will keep your bank roll running through the day and hopefully help you grow it!
Be informed, smell a rat and stay away when you should! Online poker in India only gets better with practice and a little caution…
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