Ready for a thrill? The Game Changer is almost here! A high-value tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 2 crores, now that’s a tournament all poker geeks have their eyes on! If you too are planning to play the Game Changer, it is important to know the important details before you jump the gun. That’s where we step in. In this blog post, we cover five important facts every poker player must know about the Game Changer. Take a look.

It’s A Two-Day Tournament

First, of its kind, the Game Changer is going to be a 2-day tournament. The schedule of the Game Changer is as follows:

  • Day 1(A): 20th February

  • Day 1(B): 21st February

  • Day 1(C): 22nd February

  • Day 2: 24th February

The Day 1(A) to Day(C) tournaments end at level 27. Every player who sticks after these levels is guaranteed a table on Day 2, the finale.

An 11k Buy-In

The Game Changer’s buy-in is kept at 11k, making it one of the most awaited tournaments in February this year. With such a buy-in, the guaranteed prize pool is a sweet deal. It is, however, important to note that add-ons are not allowed in this tournament.

Starting Stack: 15k

With an 11k buy-in, each player gets a stack of 15k. The starting blind levels are 50/100 with ante 12, giving you ample bigs to try and gain a decent stack before the end of Day 1 tournaments. You can also register late for the tournament, provided you check the average stacks and blind levels to make sure you register at a decent time, with at least 20 bigs.  

Unlimited Re-Entries (till level 19)

Although add-ons are not allowed, players are allowed unlimited re-entries till level 19. The blinds at level 19 would be 700/1400, giving you almost 10 bigs to gain a decent stack to continue to day 2 of the tournament.

Late Registration for 190 Minutes

Taking about late registration, the Game Changer allows it for 190 minutes prior to tournament start. The tourney starts at 8 pm on each designated day for Day 1. Ideally, it is best to register from point-go, however, you can also register late after going through the average stack and blind levels. Always check these key details before registering to a tournament.

All The Best at the Tables!

Now that you know all the deets of the Game Changer, it will be easier to ply the tournament. Being prepared beforehand gives you an edge over other players. It is, however, important to plan a strategy to have a decent stack before entering the Day 2 of this tournament. Having said that, Whispering Shouts helps you find amazing poker deals for PokerBaazi, Poker Dangal,, and many other  - all at one portal! Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest poker news.  


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