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PPL September 2019 Day 2 had some real swings that kept us on the edge of our seats through and through. The leader boards have started taking a shape filtering the consistent performers from lucky runners.

PPL Day1 - Highlights

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PPL September 2019 kicks off with and an amazing response right from the very first event. The excitement could be felt across the blaring screen right from the very first hand right to the final table. The best players navigated through large fields of action craving grinders to compete for the coveted PPL winner tag on their id.


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Baazi brings back its much awaited flagship series Poker Premier League popularly known as PPL from 20th september. Whispering Shouts bring you a roadmap to the entire schedule including satellites, strategies to make the most out of the available promotions and also discuss how to take a practical approach to make it the top of leaderboard.

One of India’s biggest poker website Pokerbaazi concluded its second Multi-table tournament aka MTT Gamechanger with an impressive 23980000/- given out as prize money. Shagun Soni “Sogani22” hailing from the pink city shipped the tournament to bag 40,78,998 beating a field of more than 4000 players from all over the country. Last Gamechanger Prasanth Shekar “Ivyleague” also finished at an impressive 12th place this time.

When it comes to the most loved sports in India, we all know the answer. Cricket is the most loved and followed sport in the nation. For the ever-growing love for this sport, several fantasy cricket sites are emerging. These sites let you be the hero of your game and even offer cash prizes. All you need to do is to enter a league with an ongoing or an upcoming match.

Ballebaazi is played by using your love for Cricket, the knowledge about the sport and your skills on team management. You can pick your team made up of real players and play in various league formats that we offer. You can create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits and select a match from any of the current or upcoming matches. The points earned by your team are based on the performances of the selected players in the real-life matches.

Using mindfulness to focus your poker game and life is probably the most ideal approaches to deal with your future. Discover how to utilize this technique in this article. Here are a couple of pieces of mindfulness to both guide you in poker, and in life. #1 Meditation

Poker is a surprising and extremely exceptional community as it crosses each social, political, religious, economic, racial, global, and sexual boundary. You have presidents playing poker and war veterans, Republicans and Democrats, homemakers, experts and professionals. Poker is a game that can take a Harvard educator and a secondary school drop out and put them on an even playing field dependent on the fragile and complex components of math, impulse and observation abilities that each have individually obtained.

Q. What are your thoughts about 5 Card PLO? How do you think it is going to Impact the Poker Industry? Ans. Poker as a game is really interesting because  it involves a lot of maths, emotional control and hours of hard grind. 5 card PLO takes all these things to the next level and challenges the player to raise their game as well. It is a very catchy and sticky game and surely it will see a lot of following in the coming time.

Multi-tabling is a way of playing online poker in which you participate on multiple tables simultaneously. Many entertaining poker players select to multi-table because, this is more fun and if they are skilled then they can also increase their profits over time. Professional players will mass multi-table in order to maximize their profit per hour rather than looking for a particular rate of return on their investments.

Poker is an Aristocrat’s game. There are certain manners that are expected from the players to continue the class and self-esteem of the game. These aforementioned terms are often understood and implemented in daily life while one is playing the game, but we have recruited the top 6 ones as a bang course for you

The Indian history of card games

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The card games are presented by the Mughal emperors who were very fond of the game called – Ganjifa. The biography of Mughal emperor and founder of the rule, Babur has the mentions of this game in a rich way! This was announced as a court game and the mention of immoderate card sets are fo

The Money Spinner Series keeps getting more exciting every day. Here’s what Calling Station had lined up for players on Day 2. ·         Event#5 – 50K GTD ·         Event#6 – 70k GTD ·         Event#7 – 80k GTD ·         Event#8 – 300k GTD

The 250-odd survivors in the Day 5 of PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition have guaranteed themselves a payday. With exciting tourneys like the mega 50 Lac guaranteed event HighRoller and The Summit MonsterStack with a sweet prize pool of 30 lacs, it was an action-packed day (and night).

It’s the start of a new financial year and new beginnings are also accompanied with changes. We at PokerDangal are very happy to introduce our new TDS policy applicable from 9thApril 2019 onwards. TDS is one of the most keenly debated topic for all poker players and every operator has their own interpretation of the law. PokerDangal believes in passing the maximum benefit to the players and being the most compliant and transparent platform for online poker in India.

Are you ready for the last day of PokerDangal’s DVS 4.0 tournament? If you haven’t taken part in this high-value high-return series yet, worry not, you can still end with a bang!

PokerBaazi has done it again! Bringing in the Game Changer, has definitely changed the face of poker. This was the first of its kind 2-Day tournament series and it has crossed the GTD. Heck, Day 1A results showed a total prize pool of INR 1 Cr, which was already half the guaranteed prize pool of the tournament! Now, let’s talk in detail of all three tournaments and the players going forward to Day 2 of the Game Changer.

The high-value tournament, Game Changer, is the hot topic in town! Truly a game changer, this tournament is on the “to-play” lists of almost all poker geeks. However, before you plan on playing the big game, it is important to get your facts right. If you still need the deets for the Game Changer, check out our previous blog that covers all you need to know. Moving on, planning such a high-value tournament requires a strategy. Strategies are extremely important to not only reach Day 2 of the Game Changer, but also reach a decent stack at the end of Day 1.  Let’s get right into it. In this blog post, we cover three strategies that you must consider when planning to give Game Changer a shot. Take a look.

Ready for a thrill? The Game Changer is almost here! A high-value tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 2 crores, now that’s a tournament all poker geeks have their eyes on! If you too are planning to play the Game Changer, it is important to know the important details before you jump the gun. That’s where we step in. In this blog post, we cover five important facts every poker player must know about the Game Changer. Take a look.
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